Express yourself - on your Fridge too! With our Customized Fridge Magnets.

Make sure your unique messages stand out. Highlight your USP with customized postcard-sized magnets to display on Fridges, Desk and any Metallic Surfaces.
Gift your clients or friends a personalized magnet and promote your brand or emotions effectively.

Display your child’s photos or memories of your favorite vacation. Print a group picture of your classmates or colleagues and relive your precious moments.

Browse our extensive library of plug-and-play templates to get just the look you want.
•         TYPE: Fridge Magnets
•         DECO AREA: 135 x 135 mm
•         THICKNESS: 1 mm
•         MATERIAL: High Quality Magnetic Sheet
•         SHAPE: Square


Fridge Magnets Cards

Fridge Magnets Cards

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